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What’s the Deal with NFL Teams Wearing White Jerseys at Home?

By Paul Lukas

Have you ever wondered why some NFL teams choose to wear white jerseys at home instead of their colored ones? Well, it turns out that there’s a method to this madness. In this article, we’ll explore the strategic reasons behind this fashion choice and how it affects the game on the field.

The Science Behind the Switch

NFL White Jerseys

Teams opt for white jerseys at home during the early-season games for a specific reason – heat absorption. Dark colors tend to retain more heat, making them less desirable in warmer weather. By wearing white, teams can stay cooler under the scorching sun, while the visiting team sweats it out in their darker-colored shirts.

League Rules and Tactical Maneuvers

NFL teams have the freedom to choose whether to wear white or colored jerseys at home. The visiting team then has to wear the opposite. This format allows for strategic moves and mischievous counter-strategies.

In some cases, teams intentionally force their opponents to wear certain jerseys. In 2003, the Chargers planned to wear white at home against the Broncos. However, the Broncos “forgot” to bring their blue jerseys and ended up wearing white instead. The Chargers were left with no choice but to wear their blue jerseys. The league fined the Broncos for their antics and allowed the Chargers to choose their attire for the rematch later that season.

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Exceptions to the Norm

While most teams stick to wearing their colored jerseys at home, there are a few exceptions. The Cowboys and Redskins always wear white at home. As a result, they rarely get the chance to showcase their colored jerseys, except when they face each other. This Monday night matchup is a rare opportunity to see both teams in their colored attire.

Dallas Cowboys

A Matter of Tradition

The choice to wear white jerseys at home in football is often seen as plain and underwhelming compared to other sports like baseball, basketball, and hockey. In those sports, the white-on-white look exudes classiness. Meanwhile, solid-colored jerseys paired with white pants are considered classic in football. These differences stem from each sport’s unique history and the established traditions associated with them.


Q: Can NFL teams wear any color jersey they want at home?

A: Yes, NFL teams have the freedom to choose between white and colored jerseys at home, while the visiting team wears the opposite.

Q: Why do some teams always wear white at home?

A: Certain teams, like the Cowboys and Redskins, have made it their tradition to wear white jerseys at home.


The strategic decision to wear white jerseys at home in the NFL goes beyond mere fashion. It’s about maintaining a competitive edge by staying cool in warm weather conditions. While the choice may seem plain in comparison to other sports, it’s all about respecting the traditions and history of the game. So the next time you see a team sporting white jerseys at their home stadium, remember that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

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