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Analyzing Atlético Madrid’s Salaries: A closer look at the 2022-23 Season

Who are the hard-working players keeping Atlético Madrid competitive on a budget? Let’s explore the 2022-23 Atlético Madrid salaries on the books.

Atlético Madrid is a team known for its resilient spirit and competitive edge. Despite financial constraints, they consistently find ways to improve and remain one of the top clubs in Spain and Europe. Let’s delve into their approach to salaries and contracts, as well as their key contributors on the field.

Building Success through Management and Talent

The success of Atlético Madrid can be credited to astute management, talented signings, and a winning mentality ingrained in the club’s culture. Since the 1940s, the club has cultivated a tradition of tactical discipline and solid defensive tactics. Led by the renowned Diego Simeone, they have held their ground against more prominent, expensive teams.

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Graduating Stars from Their Academy

A notable strength of Atlético Madrid lies in their ability to develop young players. The club’s academy system has a remarkable track record of nurturing talent. This tradition is evident in the current squad, with standout players like Koke and Saúl Ñíguez progressing through the ranks to become key contributors to the first team.

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Atlético Madrid Salaries & Contracts for the 2022-23 Season

  • Jan Oblak: The highest-paid player at Atlético Madrid, earning $23,023,849 per year with a 6-year contract worth $138,143,094.
  • Koke: Earns $17,685,146 annually with a 2-year contract of $35,370,291.
  • Antoine Griezmann: Receives $13,816,520 for this season with a 1-year contract.
  • Saúl Ñíguez: Earns $13,263,859 per year, signed on for 4 years, totaling $53,055,437.
  • Alvaro Morata: Makes $10,832,152 annually, with a 2-year contract of $21,664,303.

…and more.

Key Facts about Atlético Madrid’s Wage Spending

  • Annual Payroll: Atlético Madrid’s annual payroll amounts to $152,435,047.
  • Weekly Wage Spending: The club spends $2,931,443 per week on player wages.
  • Average Player Salary per Week: Each player, on average, earns approximately $127,454 per week.

Note: All salary figures are accurate as of April 14, 2023, sourced from Capology.


Q: How successful is Atlético Madrid compared to other Spanish clubs?
A: Despite facing stiff competition from rivals such as Real Madrid and Barcelona, Atlético Madrid has consistently performed well. They have won La Liga twice, in 2013 and 2020, showcasing their ability to contend with top clubs.

Q: Who is the longest-serving player at Atlético Madrid?
A: Koke stands as the longest-serving player at the club. His loyalty and contributions have made him an integral part of the team.


Atlético Madrid’s success is a testament to their strategic management, talented signings, and commitment to developing young players. Despite financial limitations, they remain competitive in Spain and Europe. With a dedicated mindset and a strong squad, Atlético Madrid continues to make their presence felt on the football field.

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