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Five Canadian Soccer Stars to Watch at World Cup 2022

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Canada is set to make its long-awaited return to the World Cup in Qatar after a 36-year absence. With a talented squad and a promising head coach in John Herdman, Canadian soccer fans have high hopes. As the team gears up for the tournament, let’s take a closer look at five Canadian players who are expected to make a significant impact on the world stage.

Alphonso Davies

Position: Left-back/forward

Alphonso Davies is Canada’s rising soccer star and a key player to watch at the World Cup. As the face of the national team, he has captured the attention of fans worldwide with his skill and social media presence. Known for his speed and dribbling abilities, Davies excels both in attacking and defending. His performances during the qualifiers, including a stunning goal against Panama, helped secure Canada’s spot in the finals. Despite battling health issues earlier in the year, Davies is expected to be a driving force for the team in Qatar.

Atiba Hutchinson

Position: Centre midfielder

Atiba Hutchinson, Canada’s most capped player with 97 appearances, will make his mark on soccer’s grandest stage. While his fitness remains a concern due to a lingering injury, his leadership in the dressing room is invaluable. With a calm demeanor and excellent passing abilities, Hutchinson has been a guiding force for the team over the years. Having played in top European leagues before joining Besiktas in Turkey, Hutchinson’s experience will be vital for Canada’s campaign.

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Cyle Larin

Position: Forward

Cyle Larin, Canada’s all-time leading goal scorer, will be eager to continue his scoring spree in Qatar. Since his international debut in 2014, Larin has consistently delivered for the national team. After successful stints at Orlando City and Besiktas, he recently moved to Club Brugge in Belgium. Larin’s goal-scoring prowess, combined with his strike partner Jonathan David, will be crucial for Canada’s World Cup ambitions.

Jonathan Osorio

Position: Centre midfielder

Jonathan Osorio has been a key figure in Canada’s midfield. With a record number of appearances for Toronto FC, Osorio brings stability and creativity to the team. His experience in winning the MLS Cup and reaching the final of the CONCACAF Champions League with Toronto FC demonstrates his ability to perform under pressure. After recovering from a neurological injury, Osorio is set to make an impact in Qatar.

Milan Borjan

Position: Goalkeeper

Milan Borjan will be Canada’s last line of defense against some of the world’s best attacking teams. Born in Yugoslavia, Borjan’s family immigrated to Canada in 2000. Since then, he has become a stalwart for the national team, earning the captain’s armband. Borjan’s heroics in World Cup qualifying, including a crucial goal-line save against Mexico, have been instrumental in Canada’s success. With his experience and leadership, he will play a vital role in Canada’s World Cup journey.


Q: Where can I find more information about the Canadian national team’s World Cup journey?
A: You can find detailed information about the Canadian national team and their World Cup campaign on the official Pesstatsdatabase website.

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Q: Who is the youngest player in the Canadian national team?
A: Alphonso Davies, the left-back/forward, is currently the youngest player to represent the Canadian national team.

Q: How many goals does Cyle Larin have for the Canadian national team?
A: Cyle Larin has scored 25 goals for the Canadian national team, making him the all-time leading goal scorer.


As Canada prepares to make its long-awaited return to the World Cup, the team is fueled by a talented group of players. Led by stars like Alphonso Davies, Atiba Hutchinson, Cyle Larin, Jonathan Osorio, and Milan Borjan, Canada aims to make a strong impression on the world stage. With their skills, experience, and determination, these players have the potential to make history for Canadian soccer. The world will be watching as Canada takes on the best in Qatar.