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The Best Premier League Teams of All Time: A Look at the Top Contenders

The Premier League has seen some incredible teams throughout its history, but which ones stand out as the best of the best? From legendary sides like Manchester United in the 1990s to modern powerhouses like Manchester City, the debate is endless. In this article, we will explore the top 10 Premier League teams of all time, including a new entrant for the upcoming 2022/23 season.

10) Arsenal 1997/98: A Vital Turning Point

best premier league teams of all time

Let’s begin with Arsenal’s 1997/98 season. This team holds a special place in Premier League history because it marked the turning point in the league’s narrative. Arsene Wenger, in his first full season as manager, led the Gunners to a remarkable title win. They not only secured the title but also achieved the elusive Double by winning the FA Cup.

9) Manchester City 2021/22: An Absurdly Good Side

Another team that deserves recognition is Manchester City’s 2021/22 team. This side, built by Pep Guardiola, showcased exceptional attacking prowess even without a traditional striker. With an array of talented players like Kevin De Bruyne and an impressive defense led by Ruben Dias, they scored an astonishing 99 goals and only conceded 26. Despite an unexpected loss to Tottenham, this team dominated the Premier League and secured their fourth title in the last five seasons.

8) Manchester United 1993/94: The Birth of a Dynasty

Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United team from the 1993/94 season marked the start of their Premier League dominance. This side featured the iconic Eric Cantona and the addition of Roy Keane, who proved to be a crucial signing. With a solid defense and a balanced midfield, United clinched their second consecutive title and laid the foundation for two decades of success.

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7) Manchester United 2007/08: The Perfect Balance

The 2007/08 Manchester United team is widely regarded as one of the best in Premier League history. Led by Cristiano Ronaldo’s remarkable 31 goals, this side combined defensive solidity with attacking brilliance. With a disciplined midfield, a rock-solid defense, and a deadly front three, they won the Premier League and also secured the coveted UEFA Champions League title.

6) Manchester City 2022/23: A New Guardiola Era

Manchester City 2022/23

The upcoming 2022/23 Manchester City team is the newest addition to the list. Under the guidance of Pep Guardiola, City has evolved into a relentless attacking force. With the addition of Erling Haaland, their attack has become even more formidable. Although it took time for the team to adapt, they are now on a dominant run, winning 14 of their last 15 games. This team’s ability to seamlessly switch between a back four and a back three makes them a formidable opponent.

5) Manchester United 1999/2000: A Deadly Strike Force

The 1999/2000 Manchester United team may not have achieved the treble like their predecessors, but they were a force to be reckoned with in the Premier League. With a star-studded lineup featuring the likes of David Beckham, Roy Keane, and Dwight Yorke, this side played attractive, attacking football. They clinched the Premier League title comfortably, showcasing their dominance in English football.

4) Arsenal 2003/04: The Invincibles

Arsenal’s 2003/04 team, famously known as “The Invincibles,” holds a special place in Premier League history. Managed by Arsene Wenger, this side went unbeaten throughout the entire season—a remarkable feat. With an impressive midfield partnership of Patrick Vieira and Gilberto Silva and a lethal strike force led by Thierry Henry, this team had a perfect blend of defense and attack.

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3) Chelsea 2004/05: Mourinho’s Masterclass

Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea team from the 2004/05 season was a force to be reckoned with. Boasting an almost impenetrable defense that conceded just 15 goals, this team was built on a solid foundation. With the likes of Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard leading the attack, they won the Premier League title comfortably and established themselves as a dominant force in English football.

2) Liverpool 2019/20: A Long-Awaited Triumph

Liverpool’s 2019/20 team ended the club’s 30-year wait for a Premier League title. Led by the charismatic Jurgen Klopp, this team played high-intensity football and showcased their attacking prowess. With the lethal front three of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, and Roberto Firmino, and a solid defensive partnership of Virgil van Dijk and Alisson Becker, Liverpool dominated the league, finishing with an impressive 99 points.

1) Manchester City 2017/18: Guardiola’s Record-Breakers

The top spot on our list goes to Manchester City’s 2017/18 team. This team shattered records left and right, scoring an incredible 106 goals and accumulating 100 points—the most ever in a Premier League season. With a devastating attack led by Sergio Aguero and Kevin De Bruyne, and a solid defense marshaled by Vincent Kompany, this team played mesmerizing football and secured the title with ease.


The Premier League has seen some truly outstanding teams over the years, each leaving their mark on English football. From the dominance of Manchester United to the invincibility of Arsenal and the record-breaking feats of Manchester City, these teams have provided countless moments of joy for football fans. As the new season approaches, we eagerly await to see which team will join the ranks of the all-time greats.

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Q: Are these the only great teams in Premier League history?

A: No, there have been several other remarkable teams in the Premier League. These are just the top 10 that stand out based on their achievements and impact.

Q: Can you provide the full list of the top 10 Premier League teams of all time?

A: Certainly! Here is the complete list:

  1. Manchester City 2017/18
  2. Liverpool 2019/20
  3. Chelsea 2004/05
  4. Arsenal 2003/04
  5. Manchester United 1999/2000
  6. Manchester City 2022/23
  7. Manchester United 2007/08
  8. Manchester United 1993/94
  9. Manchester City 2021/22
  10. Arsenal 1997/98

Q: Where can I find more information about the Premier League?

A: For more information about the Premier League, you can visit the Pesstatsdatabase, a reliable source for all things related to football statistics and data.

In summary, the Premier League has witnessed some incredible teams throughout its history. From the dominance of Manchester United to the invincibility of Arsenal and the record-breaking feats of Manchester City and Liverpool, each team has left its mark on English football. As fans, we can only marvel at the beauty and brilliance displayed by these top contenders.