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The Top 10 Greatest Football Matches of All Time

The beautiful game of football has given us some unforgettable moments throughout its history. From international to club tournaments, there have been matches that have left a lasting impact on fans worldwide. Let’s take a look at the top 10 greatest football matches of all time.

Argentina 3(4)-3(2) France

FIFA World Cup 2022 Final

Argentina International friendly Bangladesh June 2023

This thrilling World Cup final showcased two footballing powerhouses, Argentina and France. Lionel Messi’s Argentina started strong, overpowering France both in terms of score and strategy. However, Kylian Mbappe turned the tide, scoring two goals to bring France level. The match went to extra time and eventually penalties, where Argentina emerged victorious, with Martinez’s goalkeeping skills playing a crucial role.

France 1(3)-1(5) Italy

FIFA World Cup 2006 Final

The 2006 World Cup final was a bittersweet moment for French legend Zinedine Zidane. Leading his team to another World Cup final, Zidane scored a famous Panenka penalty but was then shown a red card for a headbutt. France lost the final on penalties, and Zidane’s farewell didn’t go as planned.

Manchester United 2-1 Bayern Munich

Champions League 98-99 Final

This Champions League final is etched in the memories of Manchester United fans. Bayern Munich took the lead early on, and it seemed like victory was inevitable for the German giants. However, in stoppage time, Manchester United scored two goals to turn the game around and clinch the treble.

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Germany 3-4 Italy

FIFA World Cup 1970 Semi-Final

The “Game of the Century” took place in the 1970 World Cup semi-final between Italy and Germany. With both teams eager to secure a spot in the final, the match was full of excitement. Italy took the lead early on, but Germany equalized in the closing minutes of regular time, leading to extra time. The game became even more thrilling as both teams scored two more goals. In the end, Italy emerged victorious with a 4-3 scoreline.

Liverpool 4-0 FC Barcelona

Champions League 2018-19 Semi-Final 2nd Leg

In a stunning comeback, Liverpool overturned a 3-0 deficit from the first leg against Barcelona. With Lionel Messi in prime form, Barcelona seemed unstoppable. However, Liverpool produced an incredible performance at Anfield, scoring four goals and securing their spot in the Champions League final.

FC Barcelona 6-1 Paris St. Germain

Champions League 2016-17 Round of 16

Known as “La Remontada” or “The Comeback,” this match holds the record for the largest comeback in Champions League history. After a humiliating 4-0 defeat in the first leg against Paris St. Germain, Barcelona staged a remarkable comeback in the second leg, winning 6-1 and advancing to the next round.

Manchester City 3-2 Queens Park Rangers

Premier League 11-12

This match will forever be remembered for Sergio Aguero’s famous last-minute goal, which secured Manchester City’s first Premier League title in 44 years. Trailing 2-1 near the end of the match, City needed a win to secure the title on goal difference. Aguero’s goal in the 90+4′ sealed their victory and sparked wild celebrations.

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Liverpool 3(3)-3(2) AC Milan

Champions League Final 2004-05

One of the most memorable Champions League finals saw Liverpool come back from a 3-0 deficit against AC Milan. The English side produced an incredible second-half performance, equalizing in just six minutes. After extra time, Liverpool triumphed in the penalty shootout, becoming European champions for the fifth time.

Brazil 1-7 Germany

FIFA World Cup 2014 Semi-Final

Hosting the 2014 World Cup, Brazil entered the semi-final as favorites, but their hopes were shattered by a devastating 7-1 loss to Germany. Without their injured star Neymar, Brazil struggled to match Germany’s performance, leaving their fans in tears.

FC Barcelona 6-2 Real Madrid

LaLiga 08-09

The biggest rivalry in football, El Clasico, always delivers high tension and excitement. In this particular match, Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona dominated their arch-rivals Real Madrid in a scintillating display. With star players on both sides, Barcelona’s six goals showcased their dominance and marked a memorable victory.


Q: Are these the only greatest football matches of all time?
A: These matches are considered among the greatest in football history, but there are many more memorable games worth mentioning.

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The history of football is filled with extraordinary matches that have captivated fans around the world. These top 10 matches have left an indelible mark on the sport, showcasing the incredible drama, skill, and passion that football has to offer. Whether it’s World Cup finals, Champions League comebacks, or intense league clashes, these matches are a testament to the beauty and excitement of the beautiful game.

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