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Choosing the Right Turf Shoes for Indoor Sports

Indoor sport facilities, whether they be air supported or brick and mortar, all have one thing in common: artificial turf. Grass doesn’t grow inside—unless you have a very sophisticated setup—so artificial grass is the closest you can get. Turf technology, though, has come a long way to reproducing the actual feel of real grass, so much so that many outdoor fields have opted for artificial over real grass. But there are still differences between artificial turf and the real thing, so you’ll need to consider these before kitting yourself up for the winter indoor season. Traditional soccer cleats can do damage and without a surface that grows and repairs itself, this is an issue for any indoor sport field maintenance crew. The shoes you wear on turf need to be gentle on the surface, but still give you the support and balance needed to compete, so here are some tips on picking out the best shoes to play your indoor sport.

1. Buy Actual Turf Shoes

This tip is pretty obvious, but a lot of players still think that their regular sneakers will do just fine on artificial turf. The reality is that actual turf shoes are designed to give you the most grip and maneuverability on artificial turf surfaces. Outdoor cleats shouldn’t be worn (and are likely not allowed) on artificial turf as the aggressive spikes can create holes or tears in the turf which then need to be repaired.

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can you wear turf cleats on grass

2. Slipperiness

Turf shoes will typically have short rubber spikes, instead of cleat spikes, that are grouped closer together. These will bite into the surface and give you the traction you need, without damaging the turf. Try out a few pairs before buying though, as too much grip can be a bad thing as well. A small amount of slide isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and depending on the sport, you might want to be able to slide around. Like for slide tackling the ball in soccer.

3. Proper Fit

As with any shoe, making sure it fits properly is important for comfort and function. Make sure they fit right when you buy them and keep in mind that you won’t need to use thicker socks to keep your feet warm. Playing inside means the temperature won’t be an issue when deciding which footwear to buy and you won’t need to consider any added insulation.

4. Avoid wearing them Outside (If You Can)

While turf shoes might also work well on grass, you may want to avoid wearing them on other hard outdoor surfaces. Being mostly rubber, you’ll likely wear out the small rubber spikes faster, making them not work as well when you’re back playing on turf.

If you’re going to be playing sports indoors this winter, don’t forget to use the proper gear. Especially if you’re competitive and want to gain an edge, having the proper shoes just might do it. Indoor sports fields and artificial turf are a great option for playing sports during the winter, but unless you have the right equipment, you might not enjoy the experience as well as you could!

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  • Can I use regular sneakers on artificial turf? No, it is recommended to use actual turf shoes for the best grip and maneuverability on artificial turf surfaces.
  • Are turf shoes suitable for grass fields? While turf shoes might work on grass, they are specifically designed for artificial turf. Wearing them on grass may wear out the rubber spikes faster and affect performance on turf.
  • Do I need to consider insulation for indoor sports? No, playing indoors means temperature won’t be an issue, so you won’t need to use thicker socks or consider added insulation.


Choosing the right turf shoes for indoor sports is essential for performance and turf maintenance. By investing in actual turf shoes, ensuring a proper fit, and avoiding wearing them on hard outdoor surfaces, you can enjoy your indoor sports experience to the fullest. So gear up, get on the turf, and dominate the game!