Tuesday, 23 Apr 2024

Philadelphia Union Adds Damion Lowe to the Back Line

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Philadelphia Union made an exciting addition to their backline with the acquisition of Damion Lowe, a Jamaica international center back, from Inter Miami CF. This move strengthens their defensive options and solidifies their depth chart heading into the new season.

A Valuable Addition

Lowe, who has 50 appearances for the Jamaican national team, brings a wealth of experience to the Philadelphia Union. At 29 years old, he has had a diverse professional career, playing in various leagues and countries. With his athleticism and quickness, Lowe is expected to be an important piece in the Union’s defensive unit.

Filling a Key Role

Lowe’s arrival fills a crucial role as the No. 3 center back in the Philadelphia Union’s depth chart. With Jakob Glesnes and Jack Elliott as the starting center backs, the Union lacked an experienced option for cover if either of them were to suffer an injury or leave the club. Now, with Lowe in the mix, the Union can confidently navigate the season, knowing they have a capable backup.

Transaction Details

In exchange for Lowe, the Philadelphia Union sent $225,000 in 2023 General Allocation Money, a 2024 first-round SuperDraft pick, and Homegrown priority over attacker Shanyder Borgelin to Inter Miami CF. Additionally, the Union will retain an unspecified percentage of a future sell-on fee. This deal showcases the Union’s commitment to strengthening their squad and addressing their current needs.

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Exciting Times Ahead

With the arrival of Damion Lowe and potential future moves, such as the rumored addition of attacker Joaquin Torres and the transfer of Homegrown goalkeeper Matt Freese, the Philadelphia Union is making waves in the transfer market. Fans can expect an exciting and competitive season ahead as the team continues to build a formidable squad.


  • Will Damion Lowe occupy an international slot? No, due to his possession of a U.S. green card, Lowe does not need an international slot.
  • What was Damion Lowe’s 2022 base salary? According to the MLSPA’s regular salary updates, Lowe’s 2022 base salary was $225,000.


The addition of Damion Lowe to the Philadelphia Union’s backline is a significant move that strengthens their defensive options and provides valuable depth. With his experience and skill set, Lowe is expected to make a positive impact on the team’s performance. As the Union continues to make moves in the transfer market, fans can look forward to an exciting season ahead.