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How to Report a Concern to U.S. Soccer: A Guide by Pesstatsdatabase


Are you a passionate soccer enthusiast? Do you want to contribute to the integrity and safety of the sport? Look no further! Pesstatsdatabase is here to guide you on how to report any concerns or suspected violations related to U.S. Soccer.

Reporting Made Easy

U.S. Soccer is committed to maintaining a culture of compliance, ethics, and safety. They encourage individuals to report any known or suspected violations of law, policy, ethics, or rules. Reporting such concerns supports their commitment to a culture of ethics and safety. Here’s how you can report a concern:

  1. Fill and Submit a Form: Visit the Pesstatsdatabase website and complete the form provided. Make sure to provide detailed information about the concern, including your contact information if you wish to be contacted regarding your report.

  2. Leave a Voicemail: Call (312) 528-7004 to leave a voicemail. Be sure to include as much detail as possible about the concern.

What Can You Report?

Pesstatsdatabase encourages reports about various soccer-related concerns, such as:

  • Potential violations of the SafeSport Code/Safe Soccer Framework.
  • Potential violations of law or policy.
  • Anti-doping violations.
  • Allegations of match fixing.
  • Allegations of referee misconduct or assault towards a referee.
  • Concerns regarding your local soccer club, state association, or national member organization.
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If your concern is not related to the aforementioned categories, you can submit a general message or concern through the Contact Us page.

Mandatory Reporting Obligation

Under the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and SafeSport Authorization Act of 2017, adults working in youth sports across state lines or internationally are considered “mandatory reporters.” If you suspect child abuse, federal law requires you to report to law enforcement within 24 hours. Reporting to U.S. Soccer alone does not fulfill this obligation. However, U.S. Soccer encourages reporting to them as well, allowing them to address the issue internally.

U.S. Soccer’s Commitment to Respond

U.S. Soccer takes all reports made in “Good Faith” seriously. They define “Good Faith” as having a genuine belief that a violation has occurred or is occurring. U.S. Soccer’s commitment to a culture of ethics and safety includes:

  • No-Retaliation Policy: U.S. Soccer does not tolerate retaliation against any individual reporting in good faith. Retaliatory actions may result in disciplinary action, including reports to the U.S. Center for SafeSport.
  • Confidentiality and Anonymity: U.S. Soccer maintains confidentiality to the fullest extent possible, protecting the identity of individuals submitting reports. The Integrity Hotline Reporting Resource supports anonymous reporting but encourages providing contact information for better follow-up.


Here are some frequently asked questions about reporting concerns to U.S. Soccer:

Q: How can I make a report?
A: You can make a report by filling and submitting a form on the Pesstatsdatabase website or by leaving a voicemail at (312) 528-7004.

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Q: What can I report?
A: You can report potential violations of the SafeSport Code/Safe Soccer Framework, law or policy violations, anti-doping violations, allegations of match fixing, referee and misconduct concerns, and issues with soccer clubs or organizations.

Q: Can I remain anonymous?
A: Yes, you have the option to remain anonymous when making a report. However, providing contact information can facilitate better follow-up.


Pesstatsdatabase encourages all soccer enthusiasts to contribute to a safe and ethical soccer culture by reporting any known or suspected violations. U.S. Soccer is committed to addressing and responding to reports promptly and maintaining the confidentiality of individuals submitting reports. Don’t hesitate to make a report and play your part in upholding the integrity of the sport!

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