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The Myth of Wokeness: Debunking the Right-Wing Backlash Against the US Women’s National Soccer Team

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The US women’s national soccer team (USWNT) had high hopes of making history as the first team, regardless of gender, to win three consecutive World Cups. Unfortunately, their dreams were shattered when they lost to Sweden in the round of 16. This defeat sparked a surprising reaction from an unlikely group of critics: right-wingers. But is there any truth to their claims that the USWNT lost because they were too “woke” and progressive? Let’s delve into the reality and debunk the myth.

The Right-Wing Backlash: A Distorted Narrative

The right-wing backlash against the US women’s soccer team stems from a misguided belief that their progressive values led to their downfall. Figures like former President Donald Trump and pundit Benny Johnson used the team’s loss as an opportunity to criticize their supposed “wokeness.” However, this narrative fails to acknowledge the facts of the game and the team’s ongoing success.

A Politicized Misinterpretation

The USWNT’s defeat against Sweden was not an unexpected outcome. Sweden is a formidable team, and the USWNT faced significant challenges with injuries to key players and questionable coaching decisions. Nevertheless, the right-wing narrative conveniently ignores these factors and instead attributes the loss to the team’s progressive stance.

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The Case for Equality

The US women’s national team has been at the forefront of advocating for equal pay and treatment in women’s soccer. They fought a legal battle demanding equal pay despite their impressive record and dominance in the sport. Their efforts resulted in a $24 million settlement in 2022, highlighting the inequality within the sport.

Support for LGBTQ Rights

Members of the USWNT have also been vocal supporters of LGBTQ rights, which puts them at odds with some right-wing politicians and pundits. Their refusal to visit the White House in 2019 and their public criticisms of Trump’s exclusionary policies exemplify their commitment to inclusivity.

Why Did the USWNT Really Lose?

The USWNT’s loss against Sweden cannot be solely attributed to their progressive values. Several factors contributed to their defeat, including injuries to key players, a lack of roster balance, and questionable coaching decisions. Additionally, women’s soccer has become increasingly competitive, and teams around the world are improving, making dominance more challenging.


Q: Is there any truth to the right-wing claim that the USWNT lost because they were too “woke”?
A: No, the narrative linking the team’s progressive values to their defeat is unfounded. The USWNT’s loss can be attributed to various factors, including injuries and strategic decisions.

Q: What are some of the progressive causes supported by the US women’s national team?
A: The team has been vocal in advocating for equal pay and treatment for women, as well as LGBTQ rights. They have used their platform to bring attention to important social issues.

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The right-wing backlash against the US women’s national soccer team is based on a distorted narrative that misrepresents the factors contributing to their loss. The team’s progressiveness should not be used as a scapegoat for their defeat. Instead, we should appreciate their ongoing achievements, advocacy for equality, and their dedication to the sport. Whether they win or lose, their impact extends far beyond the soccer field.

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