Friday, 19 Apr 2024

Premier League: Number of Games Left and Season End Date

The Premier League, renowned as the greatest football league in the world, has once again delivered an exhilarating season. From Manchester City’s dominance to the intense battle for Champions League qualification and the fight against relegation, every moment has been gripping. If you’re wondering how many games are left in the Premier League and when the season will end, we have all the answers for you.

The Premier League has entered the final week (Picture: Julian Finney/Getty Images)

Premier League Games Remaining

Officially, 37 out of the 38 rounds of Premier League matches have been played this season. However, a handful of teams still have games pending. These remaining fixtures will decide the final standings and shape the fate of teams fighting for European spots and survival.

Premier League Season End Date

The current Premier League season is set to conclude on Sunday, May 28. Matchday 38 will witness all ten fixtures kicking off simultaneously at 4.30pm. This scheduling ensures fairness across the league, heightening the drama as the title race, European qualification, and relegation battles reach their climax on the final day.

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Following the Premier League’s conclusion, football enthusiasts can look forward to key events on the football calendar. The FA Cup final is scheduled for Saturday, June 3, and the Champions League final will be the ultimate spectacle, bringing the club season to a close on Saturday, June 10.

When Does Next Season Begin?

Looking ahead, the Premier League has confirmed that the next season will commence on Saturday, August 12. This provides Premier League clubs with 11 weeks to prepare for the upcoming campaign after the culmination of the current season.


Q: How many games are left in the Premier League?
A: As of now, there is one round of fixtures remaining in the Premier League.

Q: When does the Premier League season end?
A: The Premier League season is scheduled to end on Sunday, May 28.

Q: When does the next Premier League season start?
A: The next Premier League season will kick off on Saturday, August 12.


Football fans around the world eagerly anticipate the thrilling climax of the Premier League season. With one round of fixtures remaining, teams will give their all to secure their desired positions. As the current season concludes, the football community awaits the FA Cup final and the highly anticipated Champions League final. And mark your calendars, as a new season filled with excitement and drama will begin on Saturday, August 12.