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The Power of Possession Soccer: Unlocking True Player Development

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Possession soccer, often misunderstood and deemed outdated, continues to be a fundamental aspect of player development. Yet, it seems that many still struggle to grasp its importance. Here, we aim to shed some light on the subject and highlight the benefits of possession soccer in real player development.

The Foundations of Possession-Based Soccer

Brian Kleiban, the mastermind behind the 3four3 coaching curriculum, serves as a shining example of how possession-based soccer can transform players. Possession soccer acts as a precursor to various crucial elements of the game. Whether it’s executing a counter-attack under control, pressing as a unified team, or maintaining organization while in possession, possession soccer lays the groundwork for success.

Possession Movement

Embracing the Possession Movement

For years, possession-based soccer has reigned supreme on the global stage. However, it took the extreme interpretation and execution of possession by teams like Barcelona and Spain to rouse the United States from its slumber. Now, possession soccer has become a common term in American media, households, and training grounds.

Implementing possession soccer, though, requires a significant commitment and a complete overhaul of traditional approaches. This challenge often meets resistance from established coaches and members of the soccer community who are more comfortable with other styles of play. To bridge this gap, organizations and individuals are turning to experts like the 3four3 coaching team for guidance.

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The Strength of Possession-Based Player Development

While some argue that there are many valid styles of play in soccer, possession-based soccer stands out for its ability to develop players holistically. This style places greater demands on players’ technical and tactical abilities, challenging their brains as well as their physical skills. By focusing on possession, players are pushed to enhance their technical and tactical prowess, resulting in overall development.

Youth Soccer Development

Continuous exposure to possession-based team play molds players to be adaptable and versatile. They become better equipped to handle any future style a coach wishes to implement. The impact of possession soccer extends beyond the immediate game; it prepares players for a lifelong journey of growth in the sport.

Embracing a New Philosophy

At 3four3, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting seminars and clinics where we witness open-minded coaches eager to learn, even when it challenges the traditional American soccer narrative. By sharing our experiences and showcasing our teams in action, we aim to inspire and convince others that possession soccer is not only possible but also essential for player development.

We don’t claim to have invented possession soccer or its philosophies. Instead, we have adapted proven methods from successful programs such as Barcelona’s to suit the American soccer environment. It is in this adaptation that many encounter difficulties, and that’s where we step in to offer guidance and support.


Q: Why is possession soccer important?

A: Possession soccer develops players’ technical and tactical abilities, making them adaptable to different styles of play. It emphasizes control, teamwork, and organization on the field.

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Q: Is possession soccer suitable for youth development?

A: Yes, possession soccer is highly beneficial for youth development as it challenges players both technically and tactically. It lays the foundation for their growth and prepares them for future styles of play.

Q: What makes possession soccer different from other styles?

A: Possession soccer focuses on maintaining control of the ball, emphasizing passes, movement, and spatial awareness. It encourages a patient and calculated approach to the game.


Possession soccer is far from dead; it is alive, thriving, and essential in the realm of player development. By embracing possession-based principles, players can unlock their full potential and become well-rounded athletes. The power of possession soccer lies in its ability to cultivate technical and tactical skills, fostering adaptability and preparing players for success throughout their careers.

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