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The Clash of Giants: Tallest vs Smallest Premier League XI

I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of FIFA gaming where we create custom players, making them either as tall or as small as possible. But have you ever wondered what would happen if you took it one step further? What if you made not just one player, but an entire team filled only with the tallest players? And, to add some excitement, what if you created another team with all the smallest players? The thought of these two teams battling it out on the pitch intrigued me. So, in this article, I will imagine what would happen if the Tallest Premier League XI played against the Smallest XI.

I’ve carefully analyzed the squad lists, studied player heights, and selected the tallest and smallest players for each position to assemble these two teams. This match won’t be a contest between the 11 smallest players against the tallest 11 players. Instead, I’ve selected the tallest and smallest players per position to create a more realistic and entertaining matchup.

Team Small vs Team Tall

Before we dive into the hypothetical clash, let’s take a look at the two teams:

Team Small:

  • Goalkeeper: Matt Ryan (1.84 / 6’0″)
  • Defence: Cedric Soares (1.72 / 5’6″), Callum Chambers (1.82 / 6’0″), Nathan Ake (1.80 / 5’9″), Jonny Otto (1.70 / 5’5″)
  • Midfield: N’golo Kante (1.68 / 5’5″), Fred (1.69 / 5’5″), Manuel Lanzini (1.67 / 5’5″)
  • Attack: Ryan Fraser (1.63 / 5’3″), Neal Maupay (1.71 / 5’6″), Daniel Podence (1.64 / 5’4″)
  • Substitutes: Serge Aurier (1.74 / 5’9″), Nampalys Mendy (1.67 / 5’6″), Raheem Sterling (1.70 / 5’7″)
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Team Tall:

  • Goalkeeper: Fraser Forster (2.01 / 6’6″)
  • Defence: Joel Ward (1.88 / 6’2″), Tyrone Mings (1.96 / 6’4″), Jan Vestergaard (1.99 / 6’5″), Dan Burn (1.98 / 6’5″)
  • Midfield: Tomáš Souček (1.92 / 6’3″), Scott McTominay (1.93 / 6’3″), Sander Berge (1.95 / 6’4″), Nemanja Matić (1.94 / 6’3″)
  • Attack: Tammy Abraham (1.90 / 6’2″), Olivier Giroud (1.93 / 6’3″)
  • Substitutes: Willy Boly (1.95 / 6’5″), Paul Pogba (1.91 / 6’3″), Chris Wood (1.91 / 6’3″)

Now that we know the teams, let’s analyze the match-up position by position and see what would happen if they were to face each other.

The Battle Begins: Man For Man

Firstly, let’s analyze the teams man for man to deduce who has the better squad on paper. However, keep in mind that this analysis doesn’t take into account the specific tactics or formations they would play against each other.

In goal, we have Matt Ryan for Team Small and Fraser Forster for Team Tall. Ryan’s excellent distribution skills and confidence with his feet make him a valuable asset, while Forster’s towering presence and impressive aerial claims provide stability for his team. Both are solid options, but Ryan’s skill set seems better suited for a unique match like this.

Moving on to the defense, Cedric Soares for Team Small faces off against Joel Ward for Team Tall. Cedric’s attacking prowess and ability to make an impact going forward make him a strong contender, while Ward’s defensive capabilities, including interceptions and tackles, give him an edge. Both players have their strengths, but Cedric’s contribution in the attacking third makes him a preferred choice.

In the other defensive position, we have Jonny Otto for Team Small going up against Dan Burn for Team Tall. Burn’s aerial ability and threat from crosses, along with his defensive stats, give him an advantage over Jonny. Although Jonny has put in some decent performances, Burn’s dominance in headed duels proves to be a clear game plan.

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Now let’s focus on the center-backs. For Team Small, Callum Chambers partners with Nathan Ake, while Tyrone Mings and Jan Vestergaard pair up for Team Tall. Mings and Vestergaard’s clean sheets and aerial duels won demonstrate their strong defensive abilities. Chambers and Ake may not have the height advantage, but their agility and skill cannot be underestimated. It’s a tough call, but Mings and Vestergaard seem to have the upper hand.

Moving to the midfield, we have N’golo Kante, Fred, and Manuel Lanzini for Team Small against Tomáš Souček, Scott McTominay, Sander Berge, and Nemanja Matić for Team Tall. Team Small’s midfield combination of Kante’s all-around qualities, Fred’s playmaking ability, and Lanzini’s freedom to find space could cause problems for Team Tall. However, Team Tall’s midfield quartet offers defensive solidity, aerial prowess, and goal-scoring potential. It’s a battle between dynamism and balance, but Team Small seems to have the better midfield.

Finally, in the attack, we have Ryan Fraser, Neal Maupay, and Daniel Podence for Team Small, and Tammy Abraham and Olivier Giroud for Team Tall. Fraser, Maupay, and Podence’s agility and trickery might struggle against the physical dominance of Abraham and Giroud. However, the combination of Maupay’s runs in behind and Giroud’s link-up play could prove deadly. It’s a clash between speed and strength, but Team Tall has the advantage in the attacking department.

FIFA Simulation

To get a taste of the action, I ran a FIFA simulation to see how the two teams would fare against each other. The AI-controlled teams played without pre-set tactics, allowing the computer to make its own decisions.

In the simulation, Giroud opened the scoring for Team Tall with a trademark near-post finish. Maupay equalized for Team Small with a composed finish, taking the game into extra time. In the end, it was Team Tall who emerged victorious, securing a 3-2 win with a late goal from Scott McTominay.

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Open Play: Tactically and Critically Analyzing the Match

However, football is not played on a screen or in a simulation. To truly understand what would happen, we need to tactically and critically analyze the game.

In this hypothetical match, we see Team Small dominating possession, with Matt Ryan acting as an extra outfield player. The smaller team struggles to break through Team Tall’s solid defensive structure. As frustration mounts, Team Small starts to push more players forward, leaving spaces for Team Tall to exploit.

With the introduction of Paul Pogba, Team Tall gains more dynamism in midfield. Tammy Abraham and Giroud’s partnership pays off as they combine for the go-ahead goal. Team Small, not ready to give up, bring on Raheem Sterling, who immediately causes problems for Joel Ward. Sterling scores the equalizer, setting up a thrilling end to the game.

As the clock ticks down, both teams resort to aerial bombardment in search of a winner. In the final moments, Scott McTominay rises above the crowd to score the decisive goal from a corner kick, securing a 3-2 victory for Team Tall.

Final Whistle

In the end, we must remember that football is not played in our imaginations or on screens. It is played with passion, skill, and unpredictable moments. While this article provides a glimpse into what might have been, the only way to truly know the outcome is for the game to be played in real life.

Although we can’t witness this clash of giants firsthand, the imagined battle between the Tallest Premier League XI and the Smallest XI showcases the unique qualities and challenges each team would bring to the pitch. So let your imagination run wild and create your own simulation of this intriguing match-up.

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