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Neymar: The Top 7 Seasons of His Career

At the pinnacle of soccer, there has long been a debate about who the best player in the world is, with fans around the globe being pretty decisive that it was between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for much of the past decade. At times, other top players were often left out of this debate. However, one player who consistently stood out as the third best in the world was Neymar.

The Brazilian trickster was a real handful during his prime years and was considered one of the most valuable players on the planet for a while. Today, we will be focusing on Neymar by taking a closer look at the best seasons of his playing career, ranging from his days at Santos and the Nou Camp all the way up to his displays for Paris Saint Germain (PSG).

Neymar’s 7 Best Seasons

7. 2010/2011 Season

Neymar Santos FC

We start our list with Neymar’s 2010-11 season, arguably his best in a Santos jersey and long before he made the move to Barcelona. Neymar became the influential cog in the Santos side and scored six vital goals during their successful run to the Copa Libertadores final. He also took home the coveted FIFA Puskas award for scoring the best goal in world soccer that year.

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6. 2016/2017 Season

Neymar FC Barcelona

In his final year at the Nou Camp before announcing his move to PSG, Neymar wanted to leave the club on a high note. Barcelona faced a formidable task of overhauling a embarrassing deficit to PSG in the UEFA Champions League round of 16. Neymar played a crucial role in the historic comeback, scoring two goals and assisting another in the second leg of the tie, which has now become known as ‘La Remontada’ (The Comeback).

5. 2017/2018 Season

Neymar Paris Saint Germain FC

Following his move to PSG, Neymar hit the ground running. In his debut season, he helped PSG to an impressive domestic treble, winning every competition in France. Neymar closed the season with 28 goals in 30 appearances, showcasing his individual brilliance.

4. 2009/2010 Season

Neymar Santos FC

Neymar’s first professional season with Santos was a testament to his talent as he quickly became a fan favorite. He played 48 times, scored 14 goals, and established himself as a regular starter for the club.

3. 2019/2020 Season

Neymar Paris Saint Germain FC

Despite the challenging circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, Neymar had a standout season with PSG. Domestically, PSG once again dominated French football, winning a domestic treble. In the UEFA Champions League, Neymar led PSG to the final, but they fell short against Bayern Munich.

2. 2015/2016 Season

Neymar FC Barcelona

During this period, Neymar formed part of the deadly attacking trio known as M.S.N, alongside Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. In this season, the trio shattered goal-scoring records and contributed to Barcelona’s domestic double and victory in the UEFA Super Cup.

1. 2014/2015 Season

Neymar FC Barcelona

Undoubtedly, the best season of Neymar’s career was the 2014-15 season. He and Barcelona steamrolled their way to a sensational treble, winning the league, cup, and UEFA Champions League titles. Neymar scored 39 goals and played a key role in Barcelona’s triumph in the final against Juventus.

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This tricky Brazilian winger has already established himself as one of the sport’s greats and will be looking to add more individual and team-based success in the future with PSG.


  • Q: How many goals did Neymar score in his debut season with PSG?

  • A: Neymar scored 28 goals in 30 appearances in his debut season with PSG.

  • Q: Which season did Neymar win the FIFA Puskas award?

  • A: Neymar won the FIFA Puskas award for the 2010-2011 season.

  • Q: How many goals did Neymar score in his best season at Santos?

  • A: Neymar scored 14 goals in his best season at Santos, the 2009-2010 season.


Neymar’s career has been filled with memorable seasons, where he has showcased his exceptional skills and contributed to his teams’ success. From his early days at Santos to his time at Barcelona and PSG, Neymar has consistently been a standout player. As he continues his journey, football fans eagerly await more moments of brilliance from this Brazilian superstar.

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