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Celebrating the Impact: My Cause My Cleats Unveiled in the NFL

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Football has always been more than just a game. It is a platform that allows players to make a positive impact on the world around them. And there’s no better example of this than the My Cause My Cleats initiative in the NFL.

Unveiling Causes through Customized Cleats

In its eighth season, My Cause My Cleats celebrates the remarkable efforts of NFL players, coaches, and staff in supporting various causes and non-profit organizations. The initiative allows them to use their on-field platforms to bring important issues to the forefront.

To showcase their causes in a unique way, players collaborate with cleat manufacturers and designers to create custom-designed cleats. These cleats not only represent the passion and dedication of the players but also serve as a powerful visual statement on the field.


A Wide Range of Causes

This season, almost half of the participating players, coaches, and team staff have chosen to support various forms of cancer and other physical health-related causes. They are raising awareness of neurodegenerative disorders, promoting preventive services for conditions like diabetes, and championing mental health services in underserved communities.

But the support doesn’t stop there. The NFL community is also committed to empowering youth, advancing women’s health initiatives, supporting social justice causes, and providing resources to those affected by domestic violence. The causes chosen by each individual reflect their personal dedication and commitment to making a difference.

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Making a Lasting Impact

Following the games in Week 13, select players will donate their cleats by auctioning them on NFL Auction. The funds raised from these auctions will be donated to each player’s selected charity, ensuring that the impact extends beyond the field.


Visa has also partnered with the NFL to amplify the impact for player-supported charities. Fans can now make additional donations to select players’ causes, regardless of whether they bid on the cleats. Through a donate-now button on participating players’ pages, football enthusiasts can contribute to these meaningful causes.


What is My Cause My Cleats?

My Cause My Cleats is an initiative in the NFL that allows players, coaches, and staff to support causes and non-profit organizations by designing custom cleats.

How are the cleats used?

The cleats are worn by the players during Weeks 13 and 14 of the NFL season. They serve as a visual representation of the causes they support and help raise awareness.

How can fans get involved?

Fans can bid on the players’ cleats at NFL Auction and make additional donations to select players’ causes through the donate-now button on their pages.


My Cause My Cleats exemplifies the extraordinary commitment of the NFL community to making a positive impact. Through custom-designed cleats, players, coaches, and staff raise awareness, support important causes, and inspire others to join their efforts. The NFL is truly grateful for the players’ dedication and the collective commitment across the league to create a better world through football.

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To learn more about the My Cause My Cleats initiative, visit the official website of Pesstatsdatabase.

Celebrating the Impact: My Cause My Cleats Unveiled in the NFL