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The Tallest Players in EA FC Mobile 24

Are you curious about the giants of the game? Look no further! In this article, we’ll explore the tallest players in EA FC Mobile 24. From towering goalkeepers to towering icons, these players dominate the field with their impressive height.

Tallest Goalkeepers (GK)

Tomáš Holý
Who is the tallest goalkeeper in FC Mobile 24? It’s Tomáš Holý from Carlisle United, standing tall at 206 cm. He’s a force to be reckoned with between the posts. Kevin Gadellaa from FC Utrecht shares the same height, making him the second tallest goalkeeper.

Tallest Strikers (ST)

Kyle Hudlin
In the striking department, Kyle Hudlin from Huddersfield Town takes the crown with his towering height of 206 cm. He is a formidable presence in the opponent’s penalty area.

Tallest Midfielders

Skelly Alvero
When it comes to midfielders, Skelly Alvero from Olympique Lyonnais stands head and shoulders above the rest at 202 cm. His height gives him an advantage in winning aerial duels and dominating the midfield.

Tallest Centre Backs (CB)

Isaak Touré
Defensively, Isaak Touré from FC Lorient is a towering presence at 206 cm. With his height and strength, he commands the backline and poses a threat to opposing attackers.

Tallest Left Back (LB)

Lukas Kelly-Heald
On the left side of defense, Lukas Kelly-Heald from Wellington Phoenix stands tall with a height of 198 cm. His height provides an advantage in aerial battles and adds an extra defensive dimension.

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Tallest Right Back (RB)

Magnus Lysholm
At right back, Magnus Lysholm from Hvidovre IF towers over the competition at 198 cm. His height gives him an edge when defending against speedy wingers.

Tallest Icons

Edwin van der Sar
In the realm of icons, Edwin van der Sar, the legendary goalie from Manchester United, stands tall at 197 cm. He is an imposing figure in the game, providing a solid last line of defense. Petr Čech from the Czech Republic follows closely behind at 196 cm.


Q1: Are there any other tall players in FC Mobile 24?
Yes, there are several other tall players in the game. The ones mentioned in this article are just a selection of the tallest in each position.

Q2: Will the heights of players change in future updates?
Player heights can change over time as they grow or as the game developers update the player database. Keep an eye out for future updates to see if any new tall players join the ranks.


In EA FC Mobile 24, height can be a game-changer. From towering goalkeepers to towering icons, these tall players leave a lasting impact on the field. Whether it’s commanding the penalty area, dominating midfield battles, or winning aerial duels, their height gives them a clear advantage. So, keep an eye on these giants of the game.

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