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Soccer and Streetwear: The Perfect Match

Soccer, often considered an ever-growing phenomenon in the United States, has not only captured the hearts of fans but is also making waves in the streetwear industry. As the sport’s popularity continues to soar, a new wave of brands has emerged, catering to the intersection of soccer enthusiasts and streetwear aficionados. These brands offer a unique blend of soccer-inspired apparel that resonates with urban fashionistas across the country.

The Brands to Know

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top brands that have successfully merged the worlds of soccer and streetwear:


Kappa, an Italian brand, has long been a favorite among soccer lovers and youth players. Renowned for producing authentic soccer gear, Kappa has also become a streetwear darling in recent years. Their iconic back-to-back logo has found its way onto the Instagram accounts of influencers worldwide. Whether you opt for a tracksuit or a simple sweatshirt, Kappa allows you to fully immerse yourself in the brand’s soccer-inspired aesthetic.

Kappa tracksuit
The iconic Kappa tracksuit

Talisman Caps

Founded by a former MLS player, Talisman Caps aims to offer high-quality caps that allow fans to support their clubs in a unique way. These caps feature creative designs, such as the legendary Andrea Pirlo drinking wine or the iconic Brandi Chastain sports bra moment. Talisman Caps provides soccer enthusiasts with a fashionable alternative to traditional fan gear.

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Talisman Caps featuring Andrea Pirlo
Talisman Caps featuring Andrea Pirlo

Beautiful 90s

Soccer shirts are the closest to everyday clothing among major sports jerseys, making them accessible for everyday wear. Beautiful 90s specializes in premium replicas of classic and beloved retro kits. Whether you’re a fan of vintage soccer styles or looking for authentic retro jerseys, Beautiful 90s offers a wide range of options. For those seeking genuine retro jerseys, Cult Kits on eBay is an additional source worth exploring.

Vintage Italy shirt from Beautiful 90s
A vintage Italy shirt from Beautiful 90s


Balr., founded by a former Dutch professional player and a team of entrepreneurs, embodies the aspirational and luxurious elements associated with being a professional footballer. Their clothing line closely resembles high-end streetwear worn by athletes, but at a slightly more accessible price point. Balr. is also the sister company of 433, the largest soccer account on Instagram with over 22 million followers.

Balr. soccer brand


Based in New York, MIDFLD operates as a streetwear brand, releasing limited capsule collections. Their recent collection honors the ’98 France World Cup team and legendary player Zinedine Zidane. For those looking for another New York-based brand with strong soccer influences, Bowery FC is worth checking out.

MIDFLD New York’s France ’98 World Cup collection
MIDFLD New York’s France ’98 World Cup collection

Human By Nature

As the de facto streetwear capital of the world, Tokyo often sets trends in the Western fashion industry. Human By Nature, a Japanese brand, draws inspiration from nostalgic Japanese kits, creating contemporary designs with a throwback flair. While they offer various soccer shirts, they also showcase sport tees that extend beyond soccer, all with an undeniably cool aesthetic.

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Human By Nature soccer shirts
Human By Nature

Prane Paris

Prane Paris, a relatively new brand, operates on the streetwear drop model, with their gear selling out quickly with each release. They put interesting twists on jerseys and pay homage to legendary players. Although their products are currently sold out, signing up for their mailing list will keep you informed about their next drop.

A Ronaldo Fenomeno shirt from Prane Paris
A Ronaldo Fenomeno shirt from Prane Paris

Legacy Boots Co. (Bonus)

Legacy Boots Co. stands out from the other brands on this list by using fashion to inspire genuine soccer boots. Based in Brooklyn and manufactured in Chile, Legacy Boots creates small-batch leather boots that are incredibly stylish and simple. For those looking to stand out from the crowd donning Nike and Adidas, Legacy Boots Co. offers an excellent alternative.

Legacy Boots Co.
Legacy Boots Co.


Q: Are these brands only for soccer fans?
A: While these brands are heavily influenced by soccer, many of their designs appeal to a wider audience, including streetwear enthusiasts who appreciate the sport’s aesthetics.

Q: Where can I purchase products from these brands?
A: You can find the latest collections from these brands on their respective websites or authorized retailers. Keep in mind that some brands may release limited edition items that sell out quickly.

Q: Are these brands limited to the United States?
A: No, these brands have a global presence and cater to soccer and streetwear lovers worldwide.


The fusion of soccer and streetwear has created a vibrant and innovative space within the fashion industry. Brands like Kappa, Talisman Caps, and Beautiful 90s offer unique soccer-inspired apparel that appeals to both soccer aficionados and fashion-forward individuals alike. With an array of options available, enthusiasts can showcase their love for the game while staying fashionably on-trend. So whether you’re a die-hard soccer fan or simply looking to infuse some streetwear flair into your wardrobe, these brands are worth exploring. Experience the perfect blend of sport and style with soccer-inspired streetwear.

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