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In Focus: Enhancing the Women’s Game without Altering Pitch and Goal Sizes

Women’s football has come a long way in recent years, with more recognition and investment leading to improved standards across the board. However, a controversial question has surfaced: should the goal and pitch sizes be made smaller in women’s football? This debate is not only unnecessary but also undermines the progress that has been made in the women’s game. Let’s explore why altering the size of equipment may not be the solution we are looking for.

The Strength of the Women’s Game

To suggest that women’s football is inherently weaker and needs compensatory measures is simply incorrect. Rather than focusing on the size of the pitch and goals, our attention should be directed towards nurturing and enhancing the skills of female players. By investing in their development, particularly in goalkeeping, we can raise the overall quality of the game. This approach will empower women to defend their goal efficiently, irrespective of its dimensions.

Women’s Capability Within Existing Measurements

Many experts argue that women possess the ability to excel within the current parameters of the game. It is only when comparisons are made to men’s football that doubts arise regarding their defensive capabilities. Engaging in this debate can be immensely offensive to female footballers. After all, their opinions should carry the most weight in shaping the future of women’s football.

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Preserving the Grassroots of the Game

Altering the pitch and post sizes could have detrimental effects on women’s football at the grassroots level. Rachel Yankey, an Arsenal and England legend, warns against such changes. She highlights the scarcity of playing fields and the financial constraints many teams face, leading to shared pitches with men’s football. Adjusting the measurements for women’s matches every week would create logistical challenges and discourage young girls from participating in the sport.

Practical Constraints and Potential Consequences

Even if modifications were to be considered, they would likely only occur at an elite level due to the associated costs. The majority of female players would have to transition between different sets of measurements throughout their careers, which is not only unfair but also likely to impact the quality of play. Furthermore, it would complicate matters for mixed-gender teams, which play a significant role in elevating the profile of women’s football. Altering the pitch and goal sizes would create a division that could harm female participation in multiple ways.


Q: Why do some argue for smaller pitch and goal sizes in women’s football?
A: Some proponents of altering the sizes believe it would compensate for perceived weaknesses in the women’s game and potentially increase scoring opportunities.

Q: How would altering the measurements impact female participation in football?
A: It would create logistical challenges, particularly at the grassroots level, and may discourage young girls from getting involved with the sport. It could also disrupt the development of mixed-gender teams and harm the overall growth of women’s football.

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Q: What alternative approach could be taken to enhance women’s football?
A: Rather than changing the pitch and goal sizes, it would be more beneficial to invest in developing the skills and abilities of female players, particularly in goalkeeping. This approach would lead to a higher quality of play and a more equitable game.


Making changes to the pitch and goal sizes in women’s football is an unnecessary and potentially harmful proposition. Instead, let us focus on nurturing the talents of female players and elevating the overall standard of the game. By investing in their development and providing equal opportunities, we can create a future where women’s football thrives on its own merits. Let us celebrate the progress that has been made and continue to support the growth of the beautiful game for all.