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The Official Match Ball of The UEFA Women’s Champions League Final

adidas finale ball

Adidas has unveiled the UWCL Pro Ball Eindhoven, the official match ball for the 2022/23 UEFA Women’s Champions League knockout stages and final. This exciting release celebrates the vibrant city of Eindhoven and its unique architecture. The ball’s design incorporates neon detailing against a dark blue backdrop, paying homage to Eindhoven’s reputation as the City of Light. Additionally, bold graphics on the ball represent different iconic landmarks.

A Tribute to Eindhoven’s Culture and Architecture

The UWCL Pro Ball Eindhoven captures the essence of the host city. Set against a dark blue background, the neon detailing symbolizes Eindhoven’s association with light. Each iridescent graphic on the ball represents famous features and landmarks found throughout the city, including The Eindhoven Stadium, The Evoluon, and a bold, colorful lightbulb. The contrast between impressive historic and modern architecture reflects the thriving light art scene emerging in Eindhoven.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Performance

Adidas has incorporated advanced technology into the UWCL Pro Ball Eindhoven to meet the demands of the modern game. The ball features the innovative PRISMA surface texture, providing Europe’s top players with enhanced precision. The outer texture coating ensures a secure grip and complete control, while the thermally bonded seamless construction enhances performance on the field.

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adidas and Women’s Football

Since 2021, adidas has proudly partnered with UEFA Women’s Football, extending the collaboration to cover all UEFA Women’s competitions at a domestic and international level. The brand has been a long-standing advocate for equity in sport and has championed opportunities and inclusivity for the women’s game. Initiatives like the adidas Football Collective (aFC), a global cooperative of individuals, clubs, and communities, aim to drive positive change through football.

As part of adidas’ commitment to social change, they have teamed up with Common Goal. For every adidas football sold globally, 1% of the net sales will be contributed to initiatives that create lasting social change for under-served communities. This partnership demonstrates adidas’ dedication to creating a better and more inclusive future through football.

Get Your UWCL Pro Ball Eindhoven

The 2023 UEFA Women’s Champions League final will be held in Eindhoven on June 3rd. The UWCL Pro Ball Eindhoven is available for purchase today. You can find it at adidas stores or order it online at


Q: How much does the UWCL Pro Ball Eindhoven cost?
A: The pro edition of the ball is priced at €150.

Q: Where can I buy the UWCL Pro Ball Eindhoven?
A: You can purchase the ball from adidas stores or order it online at


The UWCL Pro Ball Eindhoven is a testament to adidas’ commitment to women’s football and their dedication to delivering top-quality products. This official match ball for the UEFA Women’s Champions League final showcases the vibrant city of Eindhoven and its unique architecture. Its cutting-edge technology ensures optimal performance on the field. Join adidas in celebrating the beauty and artistry of the game with the UWCL Pro Ball Eindhoven.

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