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FC Cincinnati’s Salary Breakdown for the 2023 Season

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FC Cincinnati, under the management of General Manager Chris Albright, has been making impressive investments in on-field personnel. The recently released Major League Soccer salary information by the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) provides insight into the team’s expenses for the 2023 season. FC Cincinnati ranks 15th out of 29 clubs in MLS in terms of roster spending, a significant improvement from their 12th position in 2022.

With a Wednesday match on the horizon, FC Cincinnati has the opportunity to lead the Supporters Shield race. Despite being outspent by many other clubs in MLS, FC Cincinnati has continuously demonstrated their ability to secure wise investments and achieve more with their spending.

What these numbers mean

Before diving into the specifics of FC Cincinnati’s personnel expenditures, it’s important to understand the context surrounding the MLSPA’s salary information. The numbers provided by MLSPA do not account for factors such as the league’s salary cap, roster-building aids like general allocation money (GAM) and targeted allocation money (TAM), or other club expenditures like transfer fees and finders’ fees for agents.

The salary guide released by MLSPA offers a useful tool for comparing spending among teams, but it’s important to recognize that there is more to the story than what these numbers reveal.

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Breaking down FCC’s roster spend

According to the MLSPA’s salary information, FC Cincinnati has six players earning seven-figure salaries in terms of guaranteed compensation. Unlike previous seasons, where high-earning players delivered less productivity, this year’s roster has proven their worth. Players such as Luciano Acosta, Brenner Souza da Silva, Matt Miazga, Obinna Nwobodo, Yuya Kubo, and Brandon Vazquez have all made significant contributions to the team’s success.

Of particular interest is Brandon Vazquez, whose contract extension in the summer of 2022 resulted in a substantial increase in his total compensation. Starting the 2022 season with $304,167 in total compensation, Vazquez now earns $1,041,000, reflecting his increased value as a player.

FC Cincinnati midfielder Luciano Acosta (10) passes in the second half of the US Open Cup match between FC Cincinnati and New York City at TQL Stadium in Cincinnati on Wednesday, May 10, 2023.

The top earners

Brenner Souza da Silva currently holds the title of FC Cincinnati’s highest-paid player, with a guaranteed compensation of $2,218,600. However, Brenner will soon be leaving the club for a transfer to Udinese in the Italian top flight. Luciano Acosta is currently renegotiating his contract, and his new salary figures could potentially surpass Brenner’s earnings.

It’s worth noting that Brenner doesn’t rank among the top 20 MLS players in terms of base salary or the top 24 players in terms of guaranteed compensation. The highest-paid player in the league is Lorenzo Insigne of Toronto FC, with a base salary of $7,500,000. Xherdan Shaqiri of the Chicago Fire leads in overall compensation, earning approximately $8.2 million.

While big-money deals with European stars don’t always guarantee success, FC Cincinnati has managed to get the most out of their investments. This can be seen in their positive performance this season, unlike teams like Chicago Fire and Toronto FC, who have struggled despite their high-paying stars.

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The full list of FC Cincinnati salaries:

  • Luciano Acosta: $1,943,500; $2,166,983
  • Brenner Souza da Silva: $1,680,000; $2,218,6000
  • Matt Miazga: $1,500,000; $1,500,000
  • Obinna Nwobodo: $1,555,000; $1,289,400
  • Yuya Kubo: $1,091,000; $1,206,750
  • Brandon Vazquez: $900,000; $1,041,000
  • Sergio Santos: $700,000; $814,375
  • Yerson Mosquera (on-loan from Wolverhampton Wanderers FC): $600,000; $650,000
  • Santiago Arias: $550,000; $611,354
  • Dominique Badji: $550,00; $605,000
  • Junior Moreno: $349,992; $398,741
  • Alvaro Barreal: $300,000; $519,297
  • Ray Gaddis: $300,000; $300,000
  • Marco Angulo: $275,000; $323,000
  • Alec Kann: $200,000; $220,833
  • Alvas Powell: $190,000; $207,000
  • Nick Hagglund: $175,000; $175,000
  • Roman Celentano (Generation Adidas): $100,000; $112,500
  • Evan Louro: $88,200; $88,200
  • Isaiah Foster: $85,444; $89,823
  • Arquimides Ordonez: $85,444; $88,981
  • Harrison Robledo: $85,444; $106,336
  • Ian Murphy: $72,050; $74,300
  • Joey Akpunonu (Generation Adidas): $67,360; $69,860
  • Stiven Jiminez: $67,360; $67,360
  • Malik Pinto: $67,360; $67,360


Q: How does FC Cincinnati’s roster spending compare to other MLS teams?
A: FC Cincinnati ranks 15th out of 29 clubs in terms of roster spending in the MLS.

Q: Are FC Cincinnati’s high-earning players delivering results on the field?
A: Yes, the team’s high-earning players have been instrumental in FC Cincinnati’s successful season so far.


FC Cincinnati’s salary breakdown for the 2023 season demonstrates their commitment to building a competitive team. Despite not being among the highest spenders in MLS, FC Cincinnati has strategically invested in players who have delivered impressive performances on the field. With wise investments and a focus on maximizing their spending, FC Cincinnati is proving that success can be achieved without breaking the bank.

For more information about FC Cincinnati and their players’ statistics, visit Pesstatsdatabase.

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