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How Scoring a Goal in Hockey Earns Points

Hockey is a thrilling sport where every goal counts. But have you ever wondered how many points a goal in hockey is worth? In most professional hockey leagues, including the renowned National Hockey League (NHL), scoring a goal earns the team one point on the scoreboard. Let’s dive into the details and explore this topic further.

Points for Goals: Key Facts

Here are some important facts about the points awarded for scoring goals in hockey:

  1. One Point for a Goal: In the majority of professional hockey leagues, a team is awarded one point for each goal scored during regulation time.

  2. Winning Goals: The team that scores more goals than their opponent at the end of the game is declared the winner. It’s simple – the more goals you score, the better your chances of winning!

  3. Overtime Points: If a game goes into overtime, the team that scores the winning goal in that extra period receives an additional point. This means a total of two points for the winning team.

  4. Variations in Point Systems: In some leagues, such as the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) in Russia, there are variations in the point system. In these leagues, goals scored during regulation time are worth three points, while goals scored in overtime or shootouts earn the team two points.

  5. Encouraging Competitive Play: The point system in hockey is designed to reward teams for both winning games and scoring goals. This encourages a more competitive and offensive style of play, making the game even more exciting for fans.

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Hockey Goal
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Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions to gain a deeper understanding of the points awarded for scoring goals in hockey.


Do goalies get points for scoring goals?

No, goalies do not typically receive points for scoring goals in hockey. Their primary role is to prevent goals, rather than score them.

How are points awarded to individual players in hockey?

Points in hockey are primarily awarded to players for assists rather than goals. Assists are worth one point each, while goals do not count towards individual player points. However, in certain leagues or tournaments, scoring goals may contribute to a player’s point totals.

Can a team earn points even in defeat?

Yes, even if a team loses a game, they can still earn one point if the game goes into overtime or a shootout. This encourages teams to play aggressively throughout the entire game, knowing that they still have a chance to earn a point even if they don’t win.

If a team wins in a shootout, do they receive two points?

No, if a team wins in a shootout, they are awarded two points. The shootout victory is considered an additional point, on top of the regulation win, resulting in a total of two points.

Are there any other ways a team can earn points in hockey?

In some leagues, teams can earn additional points during the regular season for overtime or shootout losses. These extra points, often referred to as “loser points,” can contribute to a team’s overall standing in the league.

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Do goals scored in power play situations earn extra points?

No, goals scored during power plays do not earn extra points. They are treated the same way as goals scored during even-strength situations.

Can a team score negative points in hockey?

No, teams cannot score negative points in hockey. Points are only awarded for positive outcomes such as goals, assists, wins, and overtime victories.


In conclusion, a goal in hockey typically results in one point being awarded to the team. However, it’s worth noting that different leagues may have variations in their point systems, where goals during regulation time can be worth more points. The point system in hockey is designed to reward teams for both winning and scoring goals, promoting an exciting and competitive style of play.

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