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Premier League Power Rankings: Manchester City Reign Supreme; Wolves Face Relegation Battle

The ink has barely dried on the final Premier League table, yet it’s never too early to look ahead to the next season. With the 2023-24 campaign approaching, we rank the clubs based on their current standing and potential in the upcoming transfer window.

Tier one: Overwhelming title favorites

1. Manchester City

Manchester City, under the guidance of Pep Guardiola, are the overwhelming favorites to retain their title. Despite a few looming concerns, such as the need to strengthen their left-back position and the potential challenge of maintaining motivation after a successful season, City boasts an incredible squad depth and the financial support of Abu Dhabi. They are the team to beat.

premier league teams ranked

Tier two: In the top four mix

2. Arsenal

Arsenal finished last season with a strong first XI, but lacked the necessary depth to compete with City. However, their task for the new season is clear – add midfielders like Declan Rice to bring versatility and variability to the squad. The Gunners are also in the hunt for versatile defenders. The early indications suggest that Arsenal is positioning themselves well to overcome potential injury issues and compete as one of the best teams after City.

3. Liverpool

Liverpool showed glimpses of their former glory towards the end of the season. If they can recruit well in midfield, maintain Mohamed Salah’s exceptional form, and address the potential decline of Virgil van Dijk, they could be strong challengers to City. However, there are a few ifs they need to overcome to close the gap.

4. Newcastle United

Newcastle United surprised many by reaching the Champions League spots in the previous season. While it may be challenging to replicate that success, the team’s solid defense and emerging talents could propel them to European glory. Eddie Howe has taken the team to new heights, and with some smart additions, they could make a mark on the continent.

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5. Manchester United

Manchester United’s future remains uncertain due to ownership concerns. However, if they can address their issues in goal, attack, and midfield, they have the potential to compete among the top teams. Erik ten Hag’s fine work in his first year has laid a foundation, but the squad requires significant changes to challenge for silverware.

Tier three: European contenders

6. Brighton and Hove Albion

Brighton faces an intriguing summer ahead. Although they might lose some key players, their recruitment track record suggests they could find suitable replacements. Roberto De Zerbi’s side, bolstered by Europa League income, will look to maintain their impressive form and continue their rise in the Premier League.

7. Chelsea

Chelsea’s squad needs a major overhaul. Mauricio Pochettino, their new manager, must address the team’s weaknesses in goal, midfield, and most importantly, their lack of a prolific striker. The club’s extensive squad and better financial backing may help them turn things around, but significant improvements are needed for Chelsea to challenge for major honors.

8. Tottenham

Tottenham finds themselves without a manager and technical director heading into the new season. The uncertainty surrounding Harry Kane’s future further complicates matters. The club desperately needs a boost, both on and off the field, if they are to compete at the highest level.

9. West Ham United

West Ham faces the challenge of keeping hold of their best player, Declan Rice. If they can find a suitable replacement and maintain the form of players like Lucas Paqueta and Tomas Soucek, they have a chance to continue their strong performances in the Premier League.

10. Aston Villa

Aston Villa’s mid-table finish last season was a credit to Unai Emery. However, the underlying metrics suggest that their position might not be sustainable if they fail to address certain areas. With the added challenge of European competitions, Emery will need to make astute decisions in the upcoming season.

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Tier four: Mid-table safety

11. Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace possesses a well-rounded squad. With the right upgrades and a greater goal threat, they could potentially climb higher in the table. The team needs to balance risks and rewards to secure a more favorable position.

12. Brentford

Brentford faces a significant challenge in the absence of Ivan Toney, their main source of goals. Replacing his contributions will be vital, along with addressing potential departures. Thomas Frank’s side has shown resilience in the Championship, but the Premier League demands more consistency and quality.

13. Burnley

Burnley’s efficient and disciplined style of play has served them well. Vincent Kompany’s shrewd recruitment has added depth and quality to the squad, improving their chances of securing a higher position in the league.

14. Everton

Everton’s position in this ranking is largely due to the influence of manager Sean Dyche. The squad may not be among the strongest, but Dyche’s focus on changing the club’s atmosphere and mindset is a step in the right direction. Everton needs to address their underlying issues and build a more competitive team.

Tier five: Fighting for their lives

15. Fulham

Fulham had a mixed season, struggling defensively but relying heavily on Aleksandar Mitrovic’s goals. Marco Silva needs to diversify their attacking threats if they are to survive in the Premier League.

16. Sheffield United

Sheffield United faces questions about key players, potential departures, and ownership changes. Addressing these challenges will be crucial for their survival in the Premier League. The team’s successful midfield and goal-scoring capabilities need to be reinforced.

17. Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest’s success largely depends on finding stability within the squad. Steve Cooper has a talented group of players, but the club’s ownership model makes it uncertain. If Forest can maintain continuity and add some key signings, they could avoid relegation.

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18. Luton Town

Luton Town’s rise from non-League to the Premier League has been remarkable. However, their lack of experience at this level may pose challenges. The team’s tenacity and unique brand of football will unsettle opponents, but smart recruitment will be crucial to survival.

19. Bournemouth

Bournemouth returns to the Premier League with a squad better equipped for survival. The additions of Hamed Traore, Dango Ouattara, and Ilia Zarbanyi improve their chances. However, poor defensive and attacking statistics from the previous season suggest an uphill battle.

20. Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wolves struggled offensively last season, lacking consistent goal-scoring threats. Key players such as Ruben Neves and Julen Lopetegui face uncertain futures. The club must address these issues promptly to avoid a dramatic relegation battle.


Q: What are the tier classifications based on?

A: The tier classifications are based on each club’s overall strength, including squad depth, recruitment strategies, managerial stability, and financial backing.

Q: Are these rankings final?

A: These rankings are based on current observations and predictions. The actual performance of teams during the season may lead to changes in the rankings.

Q: Will there be updates to the rankings?

A: Yes, the rankings will be updated periodically throughout the season to reflect changes in team performance and dynamics.


As the new Premier League season approaches, Manchester City stands tall as overwhelming favorites. However, several teams are in contention for the top four, including Arsenal, Liverpool, and Newcastle United. The fight for European spots will be fierce, with teams like Brighton, Chelsea, and Tottenham aiming to secure their place. Mid-table clubs like Crystal Palace, Brentford, and Everton seek stability and improvement, while others battle to avoid relegation. The upcoming season promises excitement, surprises, and unforgettable moments for football fans around the world.

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