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The Best and Worst Kits in Arsenal’s History

Arsenal fans, rejoice! The club has recently announced that their kit manufacturing contract with Adidas has been extended until 2030, guaranteeing six more years of stylish and iconic kits. This is fantastic news for supporters who have come to love the partnership between Arsenal and Adidas over the years.

best arsenal kits

The collaboration between Arsenal and Adidas dates all the way back to 1986 when the German brand first provided kits for the Gunners. After a brief hiatus with Nike, Adidas returned in 2014 and has been Arsenal’s official apparel supplier ever since. This long-standing partnership has produced some instant classics, as well as a few kits that didn’t quite hit the mark.

Best Kits

Let’s start with the highlights. Here are some of the best kits that Arsenal has worn over the years:

1. Home 1992-94

Home 1992-94

This kit holds a special place in the hearts of Arsenal fans. Worn during the club’s FA and League Cup double triumph under George Graham in 1992-93, this kit features a unique blocky sleeve trim and a central positioning of the Adidas logo that is unlike any other Arsenal home shirt.

2. Away 1991-93

Away 1991-93

Affectionately known as “The Bruised Banana,” this yellow and navy shirt is one of the most famous and beloved Arsenal kits of all time. Its distinctive design is a timeless classic that will always be remembered by Arsenal fans.

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3. Home 2019-20

Home 2019-20

After a 25-year absence, Adidas made a triumphant return to Arsenal with this smart home shirt. Inspired by the 1990s Adidas strips, this kit features subtle, traditional appointments that pay homage to Arsenal’s rich history.

4. Home 2020-21

Home 2020-21

Drawing inspiration from the Art Deco styling of the old Arsenal club crest, this kit combines modern design with a touch of nostalgia. The triangular pattern on the jersey is reminiscent of the famous “marble halls” of Highbury, making this kit a true fan favorite.

5. Third 2021-22

Third 2021-22

Adidas took inspiration from Arsenal’s iconic “blue lightning” away kits from the mid-1990s and created a contemporary update. The dark blue and turquoise zig-zag pattern strikes the perfect balance between modernity and retro charm.

Worst Kits

Of course, not every kit can be a winner. Here are a few kits that missed the mark:

1 & 2. 1986-88 Home and Away

1986-88 Home and Away
1986-88 Home and Away

While the designs of the 1986-88 kits are respectable, the material they were made from leaves something to be desired. The horrid, thin, and overly shiny polyester used in these kits made them cling to the players and was far from ideal.

3. 2020-21 Away

2020-21 Away

This kit divided opinions. The white shirt, featuring “veins” imitating red marble, was meant to pay homage to Highbury’s iconic halls. However, the end result resembled a gory industrial accident rather than a stylish kit.

4. 2021-22 Pre-Match

2021-22 Pre-Match

In collaboration with Arsenal Women and fashion designer Stella McCartney, this kit is a patchwork of garish animal prints in clashing colors. It’s safe to say that this design was not well-received by fans.

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5. 2021-22 Home

2021-22 Home

While not a disaster, this home kit from Adidas’ second run as Arsenal’s kit manufacturer falls flat compared to some of their other designs. The plain design and lack of standout features made it a forgettable addition to Arsenal’s kit history.


Q: Where can I find more information about Arsenal’s kits?
A: For the latest updates and information about Arsenal’s kits, you can visit the official Pesstatsdatabase website.

Q: Are there any limited edition or special kits that Arsenal has released?
A: Yes, Arsenal has occasionally released limited edition kits to commemorate special occasions or anniversaries. Keep an eye on the official Arsenal website for any upcoming releases.

Q: Can I buy replica kits of Arsenal’s classic designs?
A: Absolutely! Many retailers offer replica kits of Arsenal’s classic designs, allowing fans to show their support while rocking a piece of the club’s history.


As Arsenal extends their partnership with Adidas, fans can look forward to more fantastic kits in the years to come. From iconic classics to modern masterpieces, Arsenal’s kit history is full of memorable designs that showcase the club’s rich heritage. Whether you love the nostalgia of retro-inspired kits or appreciate the innovation of contemporary designs, there is always something to admire in Arsenal’s jersey collection. So, gear up and proudly wear your favorite Arsenal kit as you cheer on the Gunners to victory!