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Unique Soccer Logos in Major League Soccer

famous soccer logos

In 1993, Major League Soccer (MLS) was established as a professional league based in the United States and Canada. With over 27 teams and continuing expansion, MLS has become a significant force in the world of soccer.

Each team in MLS has its own unique identity, reflected in their logos. These logos play a crucial role in establishing a brand presence and connecting with fans. In this article, we’ll explore 15 famous soccer logos from Major League Soccer that have captivated the fans and become iconic symbols of their respective teams.

MLS Logos 2021

Houston Dynamo FC


The Houston Dynamo, also known as the Orange Crush, showcases a bright orange monogram enclosed in a hexagon. This crest-inspired design gives the logo a strong and distinctive look.

Real Salt Lake


Real Salt Lake, often referred to as RSL, combines a monogram and a crown to create a heraldic brand identity. The use of primary colors adds vibrancy and catches the eyes of the audience.

New England Revolution


The New England Revolution, also known as the Revs, incorporates the American flag in its logo. By creatively using brush strokes and lines, the design leads the viewer’s gaze towards the star-spangled soccer ball.

D.C. United


D.C. United, a member of the Eastern Conference, revamped its logo to achieve a modern look. The shield logo features a right-facing eagle, inspired by George Washington’s family crest.

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New York FC


The New York FC, established in 2013, represents the Eastern Conference. Its logo design features a blue stamp with various shades of blue and a serif font monogram at the center.

Inter Miami CF


Inter Miami CF, founded in 2018 and led by David Beckham, showcases a stamp logo with two coastal birds standing back to back. The use of pink, white, and black adds a visually striking element to the design.

Minnesota United FC


Minnesota United FC incorporates a loon, an aquatic bird, as the main subject of its logo. The dark bird stands out against the grey and light blue striped background.

Sporting Kansas City


Sporting Kansas City, also known as Sporting KC, features a shield logo with a grey outline. The design incorporates cool tones to create a visually appealing brand identity.

Chicago Fire FC


Chicago Fire FC redesigned its logo in 2020, transitioning from a cross logo to a design called the Fire Crown. The fiery look is achieved through spikey figures in orange and yellow, representing flames.

FC Dallas


FC Dallas, owned by Clark and Dan Hunt, uses a red and blue color scheme to create a more athletic and patriotic appearance. The team name is displayed in a sans serif font.

Philadelphia Union


Philadelphia Union, established in 2008, incorporated dark blue and gold colors into their logo, depicting a snake in an attack position. This combination gives the logo a bold and powerful presence.

San Jose Earthquakes


San Jose Earthquakes, also referred to as the Quakes or the Goonies, features deep and dark blue colors to convey depth. The center of the logo includes a drawing of a soccer ball, accentuated by white and blue stripes.

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Nashville SC


Nashville SC, founded in 2017, showcases a logo in the shape of an octagon resembling a street sign. The combination mark includes a sans serif wordmark and an initial made with straight and diagonal lines.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC


Vancouver Whitecaps FC, a Canadian team competing in the Western Conference, features snowy mountain imagery with three diamond shapes. The logo uses a white sans serif font for typography.

Colorado Rapids


Colorado Rapids, established in 1995, incorporates a diamond-shaped shield to frame various design elements, including a soccer ball, a mountain, and the team name.


Q: How important is a logo for a soccer team?
A: A logo is vital for a soccer team as it represents the team’s identity and serves as a rallying point for fans. It helps create brand recognition and fosters a connection between the team and its supporters.

Q: Can I customize the logos of these Major League Soccer teams?
A: The logos of Major League Soccer teams are copyrighted and should not be used without proper authorization. However, you can support your favorite team by purchasing officially licensed merchandise featuring their logo.


Each Major League Soccer team has its own unique logo that represents its identity and resonates with fans. These logos have become iconic symbols, showcasing creativity and capturing the essence of the teams they represent. If you’re a soccer enthusiast or a fan of any of these teams, these logos serve as a source of pride and unity.

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Please note that the logos mentioned in this article are the property of their respective teams and are used for informational purposes only.