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Gregory-Portland Dominates Carroll in Explosive Second Half Victory

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In a thrilling Battle of the Bridge game at Buc Stadium, Gregory-Portland showcased their strength and determination, overpowering Carroll with a commanding 36-6 non-district win. The Wildcats turned the tide in the second half, outscoring the Tigers 28-0 and leaving no doubt about their superiority on the football field.

A Tale of Two Halves

The game started with Carroll’s defense stifling Gregory-Portland’s offense, sacking their young quarterback Reed Dooms three times in the first half. But the Wildcats refused to be discouraged. With an explosive display of skill, they rallied in the second half, leaving their opponents struggling to keep up.

Thursday's highlights

Thursday’s Highlights

The turning point came after a near-pick-6 by Colton Harrison, positioning Gregory-Portland deep in Carroll’s territory. Dooms wasted no time, driving the ball into the end zone, securing an early 8-0 lead. The Wildcats continued their onslaught with critical plays like Harrison’s 68-yard touchdown catch, which further solidified their grip on the game. In the third quarter, the G-P defense shut down Carroll, allowing only one first down, while the offense unleashed its full potential.

Gabriel Juarez and Carmello Catalano displayed their prowess, scoring crucial touchdowns to extend Gregory-Portland’s lead. Brodie Mitchell also contributed to the team’s exceptional performance with a 75-yard scoring strike. The Wildcats’ relentless offense secured an impressive victory.

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Thursday’s Stars

Reed Dooms, after a challenging start, displayed his resilience and skill, amassing 323 passing yards and three touchdowns. Colton Harrison, with six catches for 130 yards and one touchdown, proved to be a key asset for the team. Brodie Mitchell and Carmello Catalano also made significant contributions, each recording 88 receiving yards and one score. On the ground, Gabriel Juarez led both teams with 89 rushing yards and one touchdown.

They Said It

Gregory-Portland coach Brent Davis praised his team’s exceptional defensive performance, highlighting their ability to hold Carroll deep in their territory, stating, “That was the story of the game. Unbelievable effort on defense.” He acknowledged the offense’s need to find their rhythm but commended their resilience.

Carroll coach Cal Neatherlin acknowledged Gregory-Portland’s big plays in the second half, stating, “They made big plays at the right times. That was the difference in the game.” He recognized the physicality of the matchup and acknowledged that the game slipped away from them in the third quarter.


Q: Where was the Battle of the Bridge game held?

A: The Battle of the Bridge game took place at Buc Stadium.

Q: Who led Gregory-Portland’s offense in the game?

A: Reed Dooms stood out with 323 passing yards and three touchdowns.

Q: Which player made the most significant impact for Gregory-Portland?

A: Colton Harrison showcased his talent with six catches for 130 yards and one touchdown.


Gregory-Portland’s explosive second-half performance demonstrated their resilience, determination, and commitment to victory. With an unyielding defense and a potent offense, they outmatched Carroll in every aspect of the game. This impressive win further solidifies Gregory-Portland’s status as a formidable force in high school football.

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