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West Ham United Publishes Gender Pay Report

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West Ham United recently released its annual Gender Pay Report, which highlights the club’s commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion. The report reveals some impressive statistics, showcasing the club’s dedication to creating a fair and equal working environment.

The Gender Pay Gap

One of the most significant findings in the report is the mean gender pay gap, which stands at -1% when male first-team players, management, and coaches are excluded. This means that, for the seventh consecutive year, the gender pay gap at West Ham United is in favor of women. In comparison, the national pay gap currently sits at 14.9%.

However, when male players are included in the calculation, the club’s mean pay gap rises to 80.70%. While this figure may seem high, it is important to consider that a significant portion of the club’s wage bill is spent on male first-team players, whose salaries are determined by market forces.

Promoting Gender Equality

West Ham United has made significant strides in promoting gender equality within the club. Currently, women make up 30% of the entire workforce, with nearly half of them represented in the first two quartiles. This achievement is a result of hiring more women into senior roles and promoting internal talent.

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The club is also proud to have received the Menopause Friendly Accreditation (MFA), making it the first Premier League club to do so. The MFA recognizes West Ham United’s high standards and practices in embracing menopause in the workplace.

Moreover, West Ham United sponsors the Back 2 Businesship program, which provides coaching and up-skilling to talented individuals returning to work after a family or caring career break. The program helps predominantly women returners reenter the workforce, update their skills, and reboot their careers.

Commitment to Equality

West Ham United’s commitment to equality and inclusion has not gone unnoticed. The club was awarded the Premier League Equality Standard Advanced Level in December 2020, recognizing its continued efforts and progress. Furthermore, West Ham United pledged to the Football Association Diversity Code and has exceeded its target by hiring 40% females into vacant roles. Additionally, the club’s Men’s Academy recruited the first black female coach in the men’s coaching department.

Importantly, the club ensures equal pay for men and women performing the same jobs. Men and women doing equal work receive the same rate of pay, emphasizing the commitment to fairness and equality within the organization.


West Ham United’s Gender Pay Report showcases the club’s ongoing dedication to equality, diversity, and inclusion. With a mean gender pay gap in favor of women and various initiatives promoting gender equality, West Ham United leads the way in the Premier League. The club’s commitment to a fair and equal working environment reverberates in its achievements, including the Menopause Friendly Accreditation and its efforts to break down barriers in the local community.

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Q: How does West Ham United’s gender pay gap compare to the national average?
A: West Ham United’s mean gender pay gap of -1% is considerably more favorable than the national average of 14.9%.

Q: What initiatives does West Ham United have in place to promote gender equality?
A: West Ham United sponsors the Back 2 Businesship program, which helps individuals returning to work after a break, and has received the Menopause Friendly Accreditation. The club has also exceeded its target of hiring 40% females into vacant roles and recruited the first black female coach within the men’s coaching department.

Q: Does West Ham United ensure equal pay for men and women?
A: Yes, West Ham United categorically states that men and women performing equal jobs receive the same rate of pay.

For more information about West Ham United’s Gender Pay Report, visit the Pesstatsdatabase.